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Focus areas

Teaching: Theories of Behavior and Development,
Psychological Testing, Guidance and Counselling, Adolescence & Adulthood, Early Childhood Education, Issues in Early Childhood Education, Persons with Disability

Research: Early Childhood Education, Child Rights, Special Education, HIV/AIDS, Adolescents, Family Studies, Elderly

Extension: Life skills for Adolescence, Recreational program for Elderly, Infant stimulating program, Parent Education

Publication, Consultancy, Teacher Training, Organizing refresher courses, Seminars, workshops, organizing round table


Masters in Human Development: Throughout our lives, we go through many changes from birth to death. These changes can be physical, socio-emotional, cognitive/intellectual, environmental etc. Transformation happens at every stage of life and through all this; we are shaped by our families, community and our society. Students belonging to the field of Human Development look at how people grow and how they form relationships throughout their lives. The field prepares professionals to meet the society- relevant challenges. They explore the dynamics between people within their families as well as those between families and the greater world.

A masters degree program in Human Development can be completed in two years and the program immerses students in the study of lifespan development, family systems, social policy, and the research process. On completion of this course; students often pursue careers in research, policy analysis, education and community outreach.

Masters in Early Childhood Education: There has been increasing attention and focus towards the care and education of young children in the past decade. Importance has been given to the quality and variety of services for children due to various reasons - economic, social and progressive.

In sync with the increasing demand for qualified professionals and thinkers in ECE, the Dept. of Human Development at SNDT Women's University, Juhu introduced a 2 year full time Masters in ECE. The only institute offering a Masters course in ECE, has not only put together a unique combination of theory, research and practice but also added fresh blood in the pool of experts and educators in the field.

The course offers opportunities and pathways to develop professionals, thinkers, educators, entrepreneurs, planners and implementers motivated and qualified to deliver high quality early childhood education programs.

Our Goals

To acquaint students with the field of Human Development and prepare them to do outreach programmes, teaching, research and policy work.

• To facilitate holistic personality development of students
   through opportunities for presenting scientific papers in
   seminars, conducting workshops, training programmes
   for teachers, life skill development for adolescents and
   interventions based on the psychosocial issues related to

• To develop a scientific approach and knowledge about the
   process of research for R&D in early childhood related

• To equip students with entrepreneurship skills to establish
   Human Development Centres, NGOs, Child Guidance
   Clinics, Day Care Centres, Creches, Children’s Activity

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life by creating and disseminating knowledge through various intervention programmes about lifespan human development, relationships, families, and communities, all in their larger social contexts.

Our Motto

Discovering, integrating, applying knowledge about lifespan Human development and Family Studies

Department of Human Development,
PGSR in Home Science,
SNDT Women’s University,
Juhu Campus,
Mumbai- 400049

Head of Department
Prof. Reeta Sonawat

• Ph.D. in Human Development
• Masters in Human Development
• Masters’ in Early Childhood Education
• P.G. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
• Certificate course in Guidance and Counselling

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Reeta Sonawat
• Mr. Chandrashekher Gawali(Assistant Professor)
• Ms. Ruchita Nishar (Nursery School)
• Ms. Kenny Sanghavi
• Ms. Sharona Galsurkar
• Ms. Chinar Som